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Although we are committed to providing excellent preventive care and advice, it may sometimes be necessary to extract a tooth for the following reasons:

  • Extensive decay or advanced gum disease
  • A wisdom tooth has been impacted
  • A baby tooth has failed to fall out and is preventing the emergence of a permanent tooth
  • More room is needed for successful orthodontic treatment or to ensure new dentures fit correctly.
  • Cracked Tooth
  1. Can eliminate pain
  2. Prevents the spread of infection
  3. Creates extra space
  1. We take an x-ray and assess your teeth to ascertain the best removal method, either simple or surgical.
  2. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth visible in the mouth. It involves loosening and removing the tooth with dental forceps under local anaesthetic.
  3. A surgical extraction involves making a small incision in the gum to remove a tooth that may have broken off or is concealed under the gum.

Immediately after removing your tooth, we will ensure the bleeding has subsided. You will still be numb from the local anaesthetic, so please be careful eating afterwards.

To encourage healing of the affected area:

  • Eating softer foods and chewing on the opposite side of your mouth
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for 7 days after the extraction
  • Avoid using a straw, as these can dislodge the clot that forms in the hole after extraction
  • Bathe the area with warm salt water rinses from the evening of your extraction – avoid forceful gargling as you do not want to disrupt
  • Use pain relief if needed but follow the recommended dosages

If you experience intense pain a few days after an extraction, you may have a condition known as dry socket, which occurs when a blood clot fails to form or is dislodged prematurely, exposing the bone. In this case, you will need to see the dentist, who will help to rectify the problem and alleviate any pain.

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I had Invisalign, whitening and Icon done at Ashford Oradent. Akhil and Marion were fantastic at keeping me informed and patiently answering all my questions. The end result was exactly what was expected and I have had compliments on my smile. Thankyou!
j lloyd
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Like many the dentist isn’t one of my favourite places, but I’ve been going to Oradent for many years. I stared off with white knuckle and dreading every second. The dentist I see Hamid is so reassuring and gentle all my fears have gone. He’s looked after me so well that I now go in as happy a Larry! I definitely recommend this practice
David Turner
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Very happy with the amazing service at this Dentist. The receptionists, Ellie, Kate, Julie and Sarah and my Dentist Anisha, make the whole experience so pleasant and easy. I called yesterday with a broken tooth and they made me an appointment for first thing this morning, and tried to get me one for yesterday, until I said it wasn't necessary. Today I arrived on time, didn't have to wait and the tooth was sorted out immediately by Anisha, who was so reassuring and gentle! Highly recommended!