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Membership plan

Have your dental care covered from as little as £15.83 a month

We offer a membership plan at Oradent. Our plans have been designed with your convenience and budget in mind. They provide extremely useful access to regular dental care that helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. Not only does it prevent future problems, but it saves you money in the long term.

What does the membership plan include?

The plan is designed to cover all your standard dental needs in a year. It includes:

  • 2x Dental Examination
  • 2x Dental Hygienist
  • Dental X-rays

The plan also comes with a host of benefits. For choosing us, we offer:

  • Worldwide dental emergency
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Early morning appointments
  • Preventative care
  • Supplementary insurance
  • All the benefits of a private patient
  • 20% off any other dental treatment
  • 24-hour emergency help-line
  • Discounts for family members

If you want to start saving money, get in touch and we can talk through how our membership plan can help.

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