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Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of frequent shaving, endless plucking and painful waxing, laser hair removal may be the next best step. This treatment targets the hair root, and so provides a permanent removal.

At Bosworth, our clinicians can provide laser hair removal as an addition to our facial aesthetic treatments. Get in touch if this sounds like a treatment right up your street.

The laser emits a concentrated light that is absorbed by the hair. This generates heat which travels to the hair root without causing any damage to the skin. We can remove many hairs simultaneously as the beam quickly passes over the target area.

The treatment works best for dark, coarse skin as the treatment targets pigment melanin in the hair. People with fair, white or grey hair may not see the results they are after. Laser hair removal can be used on most body areas, but it is worth knowing that areas of increased sensitivity, such as private areas, may experience discomfort.

Laser hair removal treatments can help restore confidence and negate more noticeable signs of conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Laser hair removal is also a reliable way for transgender patients to achieve the look and feel they want. We conduct all treatments with complete discretion and compassion.

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I had Invisalign, whitening and Icon done at Ashford Oradent. Akhil and Marion were fantastic at keeping me informed and patiently answering all my questions. The end result was exactly what was expected and I have had compliments on my smile. Thankyou!
j lloyd
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Like many the dentist isn’t one of my favourite places, but I’ve been going to Oradent for many years. I stared off with white knuckle and dreading every second. The dentist I see Hamid is so reassuring and gentle all my fears have gone. He’s looked after me so well that I now go in as happy a Larry! I definitely recommend this practice
David Turner
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Very happy with the amazing service at this Dentist. The receptionists, Ellie, Kate, Julie and Sarah and my Dentist Anisha, make the whole experience so pleasant and easy. I called yesterday with a broken tooth and they made me an appointment for first thing this morning, and tried to get me one for yesterday, until I said it wasn't necessary. Today I arrived on time, didn't have to wait and the tooth was sorted out immediately by Anisha, who was so reassuring and gentle! Highly recommended!