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Fees Kent & Southampton

Additional Treatments you carry outPrivateOradent Membership – Denplan Essentials/Independant CareDenplan Care
CT Scan – 1 Arch/Single Site£150£150£150
CT Scan – Both Arches£250£250£250
Hygiene With Implants – Supplement Charge££4£4£4
Healthy Gum Plan££340£340£340
Healthy Gum Plan – Top Up££204£204£204
Flexidenture/ Valplast£900£810£250
Cosmetic Dentures – Partial£1200£1080£450
Cosmetic Dentures – Full Arch£1200£1080£450
Soft Reline – Chairside£150£135£0
Soft Reline – Lab£250£225£150
Hard Reline – Chairside£250£225£0
Hard Reline – Lab£350£315£150
Cosmetic Composite Bonding – Edge Only£250£250£250
Cosmetic Composite Bonding – Edge and Width£350£350£350
Cosmetic Composite Bonding – Full Surface£450£450£450
Complex Surgical Extraction£250£250£250
Upper OR Lower Wisdom Tooth£295£295£295
Lower Impacted Wisdom Tooth£350£350£350£
Soft Bite Raising Appliance£275£247.5£60
Michigan Acrylic Splint£595£535.5£250
Metal Bonded Porcelain Crown – Posterior Tooth£625£562.5£150
Cosmetic Crown (per unit)£850£765£300
Cosmetic Veneer (per unit)£850£765£300
2 Implants and 3 Tooth Bridge£4500£4500£4500
3 Implants and 5 Tooth Bridge£7050£7050£7050
Summers Internal Lift£800£800£800
Sinus Lift£1300£1300£1300
Sinus Lift – Complex£1500£1500£1500
Diagnostic Planning and Stent£250£250£250
Single Tooth – Teeth in a day (supplement fee)£600£600£600
Implant Retained Denture – Upper (4 Implants + Locators)£7500£7500£7500
Implant Retained Denture – Upper (4 Implants + Milled Bar)£11,500£11,500£11,500
Implant Retained Denture – Lower (4 Implants + Milled Bar)£11,500£11,500£11,500
Implant Retained Denture – Lower (2 Implants + locators)£5500£5500£5500
Implant Retained Denture – Lower (3 Implants + locators)£6700£6700£6700
All on 4 – Full Fixed Bridge -Upper or Lower (per arch)£13500£13500£13500
All on 4 – Full Fixed Bridge – Extractions£1000£1000£1000
All on 4 – Full Fixed Bridge – Extra Strength – Full arch Bridge (additional charge per arch)£1500£1500£1500
All on 4 – Full Fixed Bridge – Upper and Lower£27000£27000£27000
Bone Graft – Small£400£400£400
Bone Graft – Medium£800£800£800
Bone Graft – Large£1200£1200£1200
Digital Scan – Smile Analysis£350£350£350
Invisalign Lite – Upper & Lower (up to 14 aligners)£2250£2250£2250
Invisalign Moderate Upper & Lower (up to 20 aligners)£3375£3375£3375
Invisalign Comprehensive Upper & Lower (20+ aligners)£4500£4500£4500
Invisalign Vivera Retainers – 3 sets£395£395£395
Fixed Bonded Retainer – 1 arch£250£250£250
Fixed Bonded Retainer – 2 arch£450£450£450
Essix Retainer – 1 arch£100£100£100
Essix Retainer – 2 arch£150£150£150
Emergency Appointment£50£0£0
Composite Inlay£350£315£150
Lab Made provisional crown£225£202.5£50
Icon – White Spot treatment (per tooth)£250£250£250
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I had Invisalign, whitening and Icon done at Ashford Oradent. Akhil and Marion were fantastic at keeping me informed and patiently answering all my questions. The end result was exactly what was expected and I have had compliments on my smile. Thankyou!
j lloyd
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Like many the dentist isn’t one of my favourite places, but I’ve been going to Oradent for many years. I stared off with white knuckle and dreading every second. The dentist I see Hamid is so reassuring and gentle all my fears have gone. He’s looked after me so well that I now go in as happy a Larry! I definitely recommend this practice
David Turner
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Very happy with the amazing service at this Dentist. The receptionists, Ellie, Kate, Julie and Sarah and my Dentist Anisha, make the whole experience so pleasant and easy. I called yesterday with a broken tooth and they made me an appointment for first thing this morning, and tried to get me one for yesterday, until I said it wasn't necessary. Today I arrived on time, didn't have to wait and the tooth was sorted out immediately by Anisha, who was so reassuring and gentle! Highly recommended!