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Why Shouldn’t You Skip Your Dental Check-Ups?

What really makes you skip your routine dental check-up? Is it because you are most often caught up with your life and you don’t get the time? Is it that you fear dental visits? Or you simply ignore the importance of regular dental check-ups?

No matter what the reason is, you are inviting a lot more dental problems than you think you have. To achieve optimal oral health, it is of great importance that you visit your dentist.

Before we jump onto the primary reasons why you shouldn’t be skipping a dental check-up, let’s emphasise on the question – who doesn’t want a sparkly white smile? After all, it is that smile alone that can say a lot about you. Moreover, oral health is as crucial as any other body part’s health, for instance, heart health.

6 Must-Know Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Check-ups

A little eye-opening fact: brushing teeth isn’t going to solve your dental problems. Hence, if you live under a rock believing that brushing your teeth regularly won’t require a dental check-up, you are mistaken. Here are some reasons why you should book a visit to your dentist as soon as possible:

1. Routine Dental Check-Up for Thorough Cleaning

As stated above, brushing alone cannot keep your teeth clean. There is always something left in-between the teeth, and deep down, that doesn’t get cleaned. Hence, for the rigorous cleaning, to eliminate all the build-up, you need to visit the dentist or hygienist. Moreover, if you want to maintain oral health, you should go to a dentist for cleaning as it prevents the following:

•   Plaque: the constant build-up of plaque on the teeth surface and at the back of the teeth can result in severe oral problems like gum diseases and other infections.

•   Bad breath: improper cleaning of the teeth can result in a bad breath that can be a great source of embarrassment. Proper cleaning of the teeth by a professional can eliminate the smelly bacteria that is the primary reason for unpleasant breath.

2. Examination of Teeth at The Dental Check-Up

In addition to the cleaning, the dentist can examine the state of your teeth as well. Now, why is that important? It is of great significance that the problem is detected before it becomes big of an issue. Hence, a routine dental check-up can help you in preventing any problem instead of fixing it. Often, the patient cannot detect any problem until or unless it becomes severe, so examination twice a year is always recommended instead of waiting for the problem to show any symptoms.

The areas that aren’t easily accessible in the mouth are more prone to diseases and infections. This can also result in tooth decay and the appearance of cavities.

3. Routine Dental Check-Ups Can Help You Save Money, Time and Pain

You might as well spare the time now for a regular check-up than visiting the dentist only when a serious oral problem arises. Yes, teeth issues take a lot of time to deal with, and there are chances that the dentist might call you for multiple sittings. There are very sensitive problems, and therefore the entire process is time-consuming once a big issue that needs treatment is detected. So, it’s always better to go for routine dental check-ups so that tooth decay, cavities, or other conditions don’t evolve and cause a serious problem which will otherwise take a lot more time to deal with.

On the other hand, it will help you save money as well. The longer and more complicated the process, the more expensive it will be. Moreover, you will be charged for every sitting if the process is lengthy. Hence, to save money, make sure you visit your dentist regularly despite not facing any visible oral problems.

Lastly, let’s talk about pain. The advancements in oral treatments have made it nearly possible to eliminate all types of pain. However, the more complicated the problem is, the higher chances you will have to bear the pain. Treating cavities, removal of teeth, and other dental issues do involve some extent of pain despite the numbing creams and injections. Therefore, if you really want to save yourself from this pain, regular dental check-ups are the only solution.

4. Oral Hygiene Can Impact the Overall Health

If you keep on skipping your dental check-ups, then your oral problems might start affecting your health. But what’s the relation? Let’s start with the initial knowledge. Your mouth acts as a pathway for the food to pass through. And it is the ultimate ground for bacteria growth as well. Do you see the connection? However, most of the time, the problems are harmless, but in extreme situations, improper oral hygiene can be the most significant contributing factor in deteriorating health:

•   Oral health can be a trigger for heart-related issues.

•   Gum diseases can affect the controlling system of blood sugar levels.

•   Dental related problems can be a major cause of complications in pregnancy.

•   The germs in your mouth can go to the lungs, affecting the respiratory system.

•   The infection of the gums can boost inflammation, which can result in inflammation of the body, causing arthritis.

The list goes on. You must be aware of how one thing affects the other and then another. The cycle eventually results in overall health being compromised. Therefore, visiting a dentist should never be taken as an option but as a matter of concern.

5. Dental Check-Up for A Fluoride Treatment

You should see a professional dentist for a fluoride treatment. This treatment is essential to maintain the proper health of the teeth. It greatly contributes to the strengthening of the tooth structure. The process includes the use of fluoride to eliminate any cavities that are the root cause of tooth decay and other dental problems. The mineral fluoride helps teeth to become healthy and reduces the vulnerability of getting a cavity and other bacteria.

This one-time treatment done by the professional can help you save prolonged dental work, money, and pain, as discussed above. This is beneficial to prevent or slow down the cavity growing, which is the ultimate cause of tooth decay and other teeth problems. In addition to it, this dental procedure can help eliminate tooth pain if you are facing and eliminate the risk of any gum diseases.

6. Dental Check-Ups for X-Rays

If you see a dentist, then you might notice them suggesting you a dental X-ray. This is a similar case as the doctor recommends you go through a series of tests to analyse what’s wrong in the body. Dental X-rays are very important, be it for kids or adults. Through these dental check-ups’ dentists can identify any diseases or infections in the jaws, tooth decay, any appearance of tumours and assess the development of bones and teeth.

Ensure You Visit Your Dentist Regularly for The Perfect Smile

Timely identification of cavities and prompt steps, thorough cleaning, and regular examination can help you achieve the perfect teeth. Don’t forget, your teeth are the major contributing thing to having the perfect smile. Hence, if you really want that, make sure you immediately make an appointment with your dentist.

Let’s not forget, perfect teeth can give you the required confidence to speak, smile, and interact with others. Maintaining the health of your teeth is as important as other body parts.

How Often Should You Go for Dental Check-Ups?

That entirely depends on the current status of your teeth. If you are in the middle of a treatment, then there is a chance that you have to visit your dentist more than once a month. However, if you are seeking dental help only for examination and not for a specific reason, then seeing your dentist every six months is enough.

Moreover, your visits to your dentist are highly determined by how specific and concerned you are regarding your oral health. If you brush regularly, floss, and keep track of what you feed your body, a check on your sugar intake can decrease the number of visits for the dental check-ups.

In summary

Everyone should start taking dental check-ups seriously. Or else you will see your oral health deteriorating. The importance of maintaining proper oral health cannot be emphasised enough. Furthermore, if you really want your real teeth to last you long, you need to employ extra effort to take care of them. The above-listed reasons should be enough not to skip your dental check-up.

If you haven’t been in for a dental check-up for some time, book yourself an appointment now!

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