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dental implants abroad

Why Should I Get My Implants In The UK?

Many people believe that going abroad for dental treatment – especially Dental Implants – can work out cheaper than having it done in the UK. However, here are 11 reasons we believe this is not the best long-term option for you.

1. Are there any Dental Regulators abroad?

A requirement of the UK Dental Regulator (General Dental Council) is that all Dental Professionals must be registered with them to work in the UK. They set the standards that must be adhered to, so you can rest assured that the treatment you receive here is to the highest standards. We can’t guarantee an organisation similar to this exists in other countries.

2. What is the true cost?

The true cost in most cases is not the price displayed. They entice you with cheaper prices – but what is the true cost?

Even if their Dental Implant and Crowns cost £999 all in, 

you will need at least 3 return flights to have the treatment completed,

you will need to pay for accommodation for the duration of your stay,

and you will have to take time off work to go abroad. 

Factoring all this, it is far more expensive than the £1150 (implant) + £600 (crown) you would spend here. 

3. Are the qualifications genuine?

You won’t know if the qualifications of the staff are genuine. It is extremely difficult to know whether they have graduated from internationally recognised dental implant courses or whether they just attended a weekend course. 

Our sought-after Dental Implantologist Dr Anish Patel graduated from the highly regarded Kings College London Dental Institute and brings to the practices his experience in hospital, surgical and general dentistry.

Anish’s enthusiasm for advanced surgical dentistry led him to train with some of the finest Maxillofacial surgeons at various hospitals of excellence in the UK, for example the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery department in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. During this post his passion for research and development enabled him to achieve a publication of his work in a well known dental journal.

Anish was delighted with the opportunity to further his professional training by studying for his Diploma in Implantology at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, University College London.

This is one of the most highly regarded post-graduate institutes in the world and Anish excelled during his training here and graduated with Distinction honours. Read Anish’s full bio here.

4. What if things go wrong?

It will be difficult if things go wrong. Unfortunately, any UK dentist will have to ask you to return to the country of treatment to rectify it – we wouldn’t be able to take over your case. 

5. Guaranteed success rates?

You can’t guarantee their actual treatment success rate. At Oradent Dental Care we have a success rate of 99%.

6. Increased costs if you need to go back.

You will need to travel back to the country of treatment and spend more money to sort out issues – even very small ones!

Aftercare (and remedial work) may be necessary and return flights, hotels, other travel expenses and your time can be costly to you and your Job.

7. Quick after care in the UK

Dental Implants are a complicated treatment to perform well. Small things may need adjusting in the future. These small things can be extremely damaging if left but often very easy and quick to sort out. If your treatment is done here in the UK, we can make any adjustments in minutes. 

8. Not being seen by the same Dentist

If you have had treatment abroad and your aftercare is in the UK, then you are not being seen by the same dentist – which in the case of Dental Implant treatment can be catastrophic. 

9. Make sure they work llegally

Some Dental Implant dentists abroad offer UK consultations. If they are not registered in the UK – they are working illegally.

10. Language barriers

Not all the staff may be fluent in English speaking to address your every need.

11. Are their testimonials and B/A genuine?

You won’t know if the testimonials and Before & After Treatment images are genuine.

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