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dental check-up

Why Dental Check-ups Are Important

We may have put our oral health on the back burner over the past year and a half. Many restrictions and COVID-19 guidelines have made it impossible to get that much-needed check-up or advice. But not to worry, if you have put off your dental check-up until now and are feeling a little nervous about booking your appointment, then read on. This blog will explain all you need to know about what to expect at your next dental visit.

dental check-up

How often should I have a dental check-up?

It can seem like a hassle to find the time to book an appointment at the dentist for your oral hygiene check-up. But you don’t need an appointment as often as you might think. It is suggested that each individual has a check-up appointment roughly every six months. This time frame may vary if you are already undergoing treatment or have ongoing issues. Your appointments may be less or more frequent, depending on your oral health. But for regular check-ups, having your teeth checked only twice a year doesn’t seem so bad, right? Especially when it’s for the health of your teeth and gums.

What should I expect at my check-up?

At your check-up, your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. As with most health problems, the earlier an issue is found, the easier it is to deal with. This is why it is vital to attend these appointments rather than putting it off to another time once again. Your check-up may also include a thorough clean. A clean is carried out using a scaler and a small mirror for guidance. This clean is a great way to remove plaque and tartar that sits between your teeth and around your gumline.

What advice might be given to improve my oral health?

dental check-up

Depending on the findings of your appointment, you may be given advice to keep your oral health intact or on how some possible changes to make.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may be advised on the following:

•Your diet- the most common effect on teeth when it comes to food is enamel erosion, which is generally caused by acidic levels.

•Smoking- smoking increases the chance of mouth cancer as well as tooth decay and gum disease.

•Alcohol consumption- the acidic levels in alcoholic beverages and the soft drinks they are often mixed with are high and therefore can accelerate erosion.

•Your teeth-cleaning habits- Flossing, toothpaste, toothbrush and the frequency you are cleaning may need to be adjusted if your currently oral cleaning regime is not adequate for your oral health. 
In addition, you may also be asked questions about your general health as some health issues may have a knock-on effect on your oral health.

Safety during COVID-19

dental check-up

At Oradent, your safety is a priority. Although restrictions have been lifted and routine appointments and check-ups are now available, precautions are taken to ensure that your well being comes first.

This last year has meant that many have been unable to put their oral hygiene first due to restrictions and lack of appointments. If you haven’t had your dental check-up yet this year, then don’t delay any further.

Book your dental check-up appointment today at one of our trusted Oradent branches.

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