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NHS vs private dentistry

Which Is Best? – NHS VS Private Dentistry

In the time of Covid-19, getting those dental appointments have been more than difficult. With a backlog of patients all waiting for a much-needed check-up or treatment, getting your appointment may take some time. But what about private dentistry? With fewer restrictions than NHS dentistry, appointments, as well as treatments can be quicker than you expect. In this week’s blog, we will look at the differences between private and NHS dentistry.

What is NHS dental treatment?

NHS dental carries out all necessary treatments for the wellbeing of your oral health. Although a wide variety of treatments are covered by the NHS, cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening is not. This is because teeth whitening is not a necessary or medical treatment and purely affects the appearance of your teeth.

What is private dentistry?

Private dentistry, as mentioned above, includes cosmetic procedures. Not only this but your usual procedures and treatments are also available if you choose to go private. This means your appointments may be at a different location to your usual dental practice. Appointment availability is often more flexible due to unrestricted service hours, with appointments even available on weekends at some practices.

NHS vs private dentistry

What are the differences?

NHS dentistry is budgeted. Working on a fixed budget, NHS dentistry can be limited to only a number of procedures and treatments per financial year. This is because each dental practice is generally allocated a set budget for use. Private based dentistry has no budget restrictions and can work freely to the patient’s own customised costs and needs. Although the cost of private treatment is higher, the procedures that this finance enables to be done may be more suited to your needs. Your dentist should always offer and outline both NHS and private dental treatments to ensure you can make the best choice.

As mentioned previously, some procedures are not available on the NHS scheme and therefore it may be necessary to consider private treatment. Teeth whitening, along with dental implants and Invisalign are often not included in NHS treatment plans. This means that if you are looking to get straighter teeth or fix a cosmetic issue, this may be the only way to turn.

private dentistry

Luckily most dental practices accept both NHS and private patients. NHS treatment is nearly always carried out at your dental practice. Whilst private dentistry may be carried out both in practice or alternatively the dental practice may provide you with a trusted orthodontist at a different location.

There are other advantages to private dentistry. We touched on the price being higher for private treatment than NHS dentistry, but what about payment plans? Well, NHS unfortunately, doesn’t offer this solution. Upfront payments are required for your check-ups and treatments. Private dentistry does however offer this option. Your payments can be broken down into monthly, affordable amounts so that you can get your desired treatments without having to dip into the savings pot.

At Oradent we offer both NHS and private dentistry to our patients. With you in mind, we provide both medical and cosmetic treatments to better your oral health. Products such as the Invisalign treatment are offered with a monthly payment plan to put your mind at rest.

Book your consultation today at Oradent to start your journey to a better smile and more confident you.

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