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Single Implants

Living with a missing tooth can cause embarrassment and might impact your confidence when at work, around friends and out in public. We can replace a single missing tooth with a carefully inserted implant in place of the missing tooth root.

A custom-made crown is then sculpted from ceramic using 3D digital imagery and scanning. We can match the crown to blend in with your own natural tooth colour. This crown fixes onto the top of the implant – becoming the next best thing to a natural tooth.

What are the treatment stages?


If you are considering an implant to replace a missing or soon-to-be extracted tooth, we will first arrange a consultation. We will talk through the treatment stages which will include how many appointments we foresee you needing and how long it will take. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss any concerns.


It’s important for us to fully assess your suitability before starting your treatment. You will need sufficient bone density for the implant to successfully fuse to your jaw. We take x-rays and scans to get an accurate picture of your teeth and jaw.

If we find that you don’t have enough bone for a successful implant, we can suggest bone grafting to restore lost tissue and give enough of a foundation for your new tooth.

Fitting the implant

We understand that any type of surgery can make some patients nervous so we do all we can to make the treatment as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We prepare the area first, using local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort. The implant is placed in the jaw, usually at the point where the root of the original tooth occupied, and we add stitches if required.

We can place a temporary crown on the implant to protect the site. We also take impressions so we can create your personalised crown.

Recovery and placing the crown

It will take time for your implant to fully fuse to the bone, a process called osseointegration. Once your implant has healed, we can fit your personalised crown to the abutment.

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