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Full Arch

Implants can be used to support a whole arch of teeth, both upper and lower. We can use All-on-4, a fantastic alternative to full dentures where your replacement teeth only require four precision implants placed in your jaw bone. We generally use four implants for the bottom arch and 6 for the top. After fitting your implants, we can create a bespoke set of temporary teeth to fit on the new implants. You can walk away the same day with new teeth.

Client would like the below information but we’re not sure if it is user-friendly. This sort of information is more for the dentist to know and not the patient.

Lower Full arch options

  • 2 implants and overdenture abutments
  • 3 implants and cad-cam bar and overdenture
  • All on 4 option (fixed)

Upper Full arch options

  • 4 implants and overdenture abutments
  • 4 implants and cad-cam bar and overdenture
  • All on 4/6 option (fixed)
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