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Should I Wear A Night Mouth Guard?

In movies, those who wear night mouth guards are always made fun of.  They’re often made out to be these obtrusive, awkward and ill-fitting objects, but this is far from the truth.  Those large and oversized pieces are usually your drug store versions where they are intended to be easy fitting.  Dental versions, that are custom made for each patient, are simple and comfortable, and usually transparent, making them virtually invisible. 

Top reasons to seriously consider a mouth guard.

Still not entirely sure whether you want to sleep with a piece of plastic in your mouth?  After all, it’s just an unnecessary accessory, right?  Take a look at some of the benefits behind why you should seriously consider them!

1. To ease tooth/jaw pain:

Ever noticed how you wake up with jaw or tooth pain in the morning?  Or it’s an ache that just follows you around all day with no clear reason?  Most of us will clench our jaws — hard — overnight and unknowingly put stress on jaws, gums, and teeth. Wearing a guard cushions our entire mouth from this unconscious motion.

2. To align your jaw/teeth while you sleep:

A mouthguard helps keep your bite aligned when you sleep, which also aligns your jaw.  This means that any snoring will be minimal, making for a restful sleep all around!

3. To save from unnecessary trips to the dentist:

Bruxism, the fancy term for clenching your teeth at night, causes a lot of damage in your mouth.  It can make for root canals, teeth weakness and cracks, and more.  If you want to keep your dentist trips as minimal as possible, a nightguard will help!

4. To increase your quality of rest:

While most don’t think about it this way, a nightguard that minimizes the impacts of clenching will actually enhance your rest.  You’ll sleep better, deeper, and longer.  This will have you waking up in the morning feeling rested and free from pain!

5. To do everything you can to protect your oral hygiene:

SO many people don’t work preventatively to protect their teeth, but it’s one of the most important details in your overall long-term health.  A night guard is part of the line of defence, as many dental professionals will be happy to tell you!

It’s worth the stigma!

            There is so much stigma about wearing an admittedly unattractive mouth guard.  The thing is, it’s going to be such a good thing for your dental and oral health that it really will be worth the stigma.  It not only is going to help you save some big bucks at the dentist when you go in for your normal check-up, but it will also offer you a better quality sleep that doesn’t end up with you waking up with a sore jaw.  It will enhance your sleep so much, you might even end up enjoying it!  Yes, really!

            Between the fact that night-time grinding is not something most of us are aware of, and the solution is as “simple” as a mouth guard, it really proves its worth when you take a look at all of the advantages of wearing one.  All that’s left is to place a call to your dentist and have them start the process for you!  If you still have questions or concerns on whether a mouth guard is the right choice for you, remember to ask your dentist during your next check-up!

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