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Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening – Boutique Whitening

Tooth whitening is a quick and effective way to transform your smile – one that is becoming increasingly popular. If you, like many others, have watched your teeth grow dull and discoloured over the years, whitening could be just what you need to give yourself a self-esteem boost and regain confidence.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to navigate and figure out which company is the right one for you – especially if you find you can’t afford in-practice treatment with a dentist. You’ve probably seen different companies and brands advertised in many places, with all sorts of reviews and mixed reactions from customers. 

You might have searched for a good brand online and been bombarded with literally hundreds of biased reports and articles. But one sure way to identify a reputable brand is to find one backed by science and recommended by dentists.

Teeth discolour naturally as time goes on, whether it’s due to natural enamel wear due to aging, or high consumption of food and drinks that stain, such as coffee and red wine. Whitening works by effectively ‘bleaching’ the outer tooth to a beautifully white shade, and when done correctly will leave your friends and family guessing.

Boutique Teeth Whitening

One popular choice is Boutique. Boutique is a dentist prescribed whitening brand, backed, used and loved by dentists across the country. They offer different package options – to use during the day or night – with high strength, yet gentle formulas and ingredients to give you a gleaming smile for a portion of the in-practice prices.

Boutique uses hydrogen peroxide, potassium nitrate and carbamide peroxide, depending on which treatment you opt for. These are prescription-only ingredients that safely and effectively lift staining and discolouration away from your natural teeth.

Using a specially designed, custom-fitted tooth tray and their cleverly formulated gels, you can expect results in less than a week. Because it is prescribed by your dentist too, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you won’t experience any under or over whitened effects or tooth damage or sensitivity. 

teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening at Oradent Dental Care

Day or Night Kits

There are kits that can either be worn during the day or night, depending on your lifestyle. For a quicker result – using 6% Hydrogen Peroxide – use the Boutique By Day kit. You can wear your bespoke whitening tray for just one hour per day and get fast and convenient results. If you would prefer to wear your tray at night time and slowly whiten your teeth whilst you are sleeping, try the Boutique By Night option. This uses a 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide formula to gently whiten your smile, gradually.

Using cheap at home whitening kits without your dentist’s supervision can lead to permanent tooth damage, sensitivity and even chemical burns, as well as potentially resulting in teeth that are way too white! So ensure that you are using the correct brand and kit for your needs and speak with your dentist to ensure that it’s the right option for you.

If Boutique isn’t the brand for you, speak with your local Oradent Dental Care Practice today to hear about other options, such as AirFlow stain removal, in-house whitening or tooth Veneers. Your dedicated Treatment Coordinator can walk you through each process and help you to regain that bright white smile that you once had.

Just fill out the Contact Form below and our friend Treatment Coordinator from your local Oradent Dental Care practice will be in touch as soon as possible.

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