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teeth at christmas

How To Look After Your Teeth at Christmas

Everyone is prepared and geared up for the celebrations, to begin with, Christmas is just around the corner. We will undoubtedly include alcohol, selection boxes, and many candy bags in our holiday diets. Although it’s a wonderful time of year, remember to take care of your teeth. 

Over the Christmas season, teeth might suffer from constant munching, drinking, and consumption of sugary foods and beverages. These enticing foods put teeth at risk for damage. Therefore, it is crucial to take extra caution with regard to your dental health throughout the holiday season as your teeth don’t really have the power to repair.

Christmas Deserts 

After a traditional Christmas meal, mince pies, Christmas cake, and pudding may delight many individuals, but they do not delight your teeth. They are all packed full of dried fruit, which contains a lot of sugar. Particularly if we binge on them on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, these foods adhere to teeth and can do the greatest harm.

Use The Bottle Opener!

We’ve all tried to open a beer bottle with our teeth at some time in our lives. Please keep in mind that your teeth are not a piece of equipment and are definitely not designed for this. You’re doing your teeth more damage than good. You can easily chip or break a tooth. The most crucial thing to keep in mind if you ever lose a tooth is to remain calm. Get to an emergency dentist as soon as you can. 


Drink With a Straw

This is a bit of excellent advice, mostly for kids. This Christmas, there will probably be a lot of sugary and fizzy drinks present, but to prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that you use a straw to reduce the amount of sugar that contacts your teeth.

The Perfect Gift

Why not get a fresh electric toothbrush for yourself or a family member? We suggest switching out your toothbrush periodically. When a toothbrush is stored in a closed container, germs might develop, the bristles lose their strength and become worn from use, and the toothbrush’s cleaning effectiveness is diminished. Over long and short periods, electric or battery-operated toothbrushes consistently remove plaque and gum disease more effectively.

Don’t Lose Track

Many people lose track of their oral hygiene during Christmas as it is a very exciting time so we tend to come away from our normal routine. Stopping your dental hygiene regimen on Christmas Eve for a few days is the worst thing you can do. With all the chocolate, sweet foods and beverages, and alcoholic beverages consumed throughout the holiday season, teeth take a bit of a beating. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed, especially on Christmas day!

Don’t Lose Track
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