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How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Mental Health?

When we think of our teeth, it’s easy to think about the more obvious ways that poor oral health could affect us… unsightly gaps, toothache and more.

It can be difficult to find a connection between our oral health and other areas of our wellbeing. But oral health can have a huge impact on your whole body and in particular, your mental health

Recent studies have revealed that 70% of people with moderate tooth and gum problems feel it has negatively impacted their lives. And with almost a third of the UK adult population believing that they have poor oral health, it becomes clear just how many might be suffering because of their teeth. 

But why would having bad oral health negatively affect your mental health?

For many, having unsightly teeth causes their self-esteem to plummet. Being embarrassed or ashamed, many people will hide their smile or even go as far as to avoid smiling at all. Not wanting to show their teeth, they might decide to avoid leaving the house, steer clear of having a chat with their friends and family, or refuse to have photographs taken. 

Though these might seem like small changes, over time they can cause a person to feel isolated, lonely and even depressed. 

Plus, the physical sensations caused by poor oral health can have a further impact. Being uncomfortable or in pain for long periods of time can lead to further dejection and withdrawal.

And because discomfort can disrupt sleep, cause problems with eating and drinking and generate even more ailments – such as headaches, jaw pain and earache – it can often spiral out of control and leave you feeling overwhelmed and run down. 

So, we know that bad oral health can be damaging to our mental wellbeing –  but what about good oral health? 

Having a healthy and ache-free mouth will first and foremost cause you no discomfort! You’ll be able to eat and drink as you like, without fear of a nasty pang of pain. You can sleep soundly and comfortably, with a clear head. A proper night’s sleep can have wonderful physical and mental benefits.

Then there is the enormous self-esteem boost that can be caused by having a healthy smile. Good oral health can often be identified by a full set of clean, bright teeth – the perfect smile! Feeling good about how your smile looks will improve your confidence and lessen any anxiety. 

With a healthy mouth, you’ll be free of fear and able to talk, laugh and show the world your smile once again!

But what if you’re part of the 70%?

Well, the good news is that with a bit of attention and a great dentist, there’s a big chance that you can regain your oral health and with it, your confidence and happiness. 

Whether you need a stain-removing session with a hygienist, some general dentistry or a dental implant to fill that gap you’ve been hiding for years, there’s plenty of options and treatments out there for every need. 

If you want to start your journey to good oral health and happiness, speak to your local Oradent Dental Care practice today. With talented specialists in multiple fields of dentistry and dedicated Treatment Coordinators on site, we’d love to help you smile again. 

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