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Dental Treatment On The NHS

It can be concerning when considering the costs of dental treatments and check-ups. Dental services are one of the most avoided appointments, with over half of UK citizens not attending dental appointments every two years. This can be down to several factors such as time, convenience, costs and knowledge. In this week’s blog, we will explain what you are entitled to as an NHS dental patient so that you are well prepared for your next appointment.

The costs


There are three different bands of dental treatment with the NHS. They each include varying treatments and have set charges. Let us take a look at what they are:

Band 1, £23.80- This includes your routine check-up appointments, a scale and polish if needed. It also covers any dental plans that need to be made towards preventive care or future appointments and treatment. Emergency dental treatments such as pain relief and temporary fillings also hold the exact cost as band 1.

Band 2, £65.20- Everything listed in band 1 is covered here as well. Band 2 also includes further treatment such as fillings, tooth removal and root canal treatments. More extensive work will come under band 3.

Band 3, £282.80- Band 3 covers everything in bands 1 and 2. In addition, it includes further treatments such as crowns, dentures, bridges and other medically necessary work.

If you require ongoing treatment, you will never be asked to make multiple payments towards the same band of treatment or per visit. For people on lower incomes, you may be eligible for help with the above payments if you qualify.

Who can get free dental care?

Certain age groups and situations mean that some people are entitled to free dental care. This includes the following:

• Under 18’s

• Under 19’s in full-time qualifying education

• Being an NHS hospital patient receiving dental treatment from a hospital dentist

• Being an NHS hospital dental outpatient with the exception of bridges and dentures

• If you are pregnant or have had a baby within the last 12 months

What isn’t included on NHS dental?


Cosmetic procedures are not covered by the NHS. This is because the NHS offers medically necessary treatment only. Cosmetic treatments are not medically required and are used only to improve the appearance of teeth. So treatments and procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers or implants are not included on the NHS. If you wish to invest in one of these treatments, it will need to be done through private dentistry, and therefore you will be solely responsible for the costs.

At Oradent, we are accepting NHS patients and private dentistry referrals. If the treatment you desire isn’t on the NHS dental scheme, don’t worry. We have payment plans available to help you out to pay upfront or on a monthly basis. If you wish to discuss an oral health concern or book in for your dental hygiene check-up, visit oradent.org to book your consultation.

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