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dental implants

Dental Implants For Missing Teeth: Top 10 Benefits

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants have become the staple in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. 

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw, replacing the root of the missing tooth. The surrounding bone slowly fuses to the implant, serving to hold it securely in place. 

An abutment is then attached to the implant which forms the foundation on which your new tooth called a crown will be placed. 

If you have a number of teeth missing a bridge can be fitted over multiple implants. Full mouth restorations are possible with only 4 or 6 implants per arch over which a custom-made bridge is affixed.  

Dental Implants offer many benefits but the top 10 are:

1. Dental Implants look & feel like natural teeth

A dental implant looks and feels natural, because of the material of the replacement tooth and the way they are placed into your mouth. 

You are the only one who will ever know you have an implant, whether you have replaced one lost tooth or many.

2. Dental Implants don’t move

The implant has as a foundation a titanium screw attached to your jaw bone. This will ensure your implants will never move once in place.

You can eat all your favourite foods without the fear of teeth moving or dentures falling. Which is a major benefit for your quality of life and overall health. 

3. Can last a lifetime

If placed correctly dental implants can last a lifetime with over 95% success rate. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups following the treatment can ensure your implants last as long as possible. Oradent are proud to hold an outstanding 99% success rate!

4. They will improve your self-esteem

Dental Implants will give you the confidence to smile, speak and eat freely. Your teeth will look so natural giving you a boost of confidence that you always desired. 

5. They can boost a youthful appearance

Dental Implants can help slow down changes in your face and even replace missing structures, keeping you looking youthful and healthy.

6. Prevent jaw bone loss

Compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants stimulate bone growth by fusing with the jaw bone and stabilising it. 

Prevention of bone loss in the jaw is very important in maintaining a strong jaw and healthy gums. It also prevents fractures and other oral health problems developing and affecting the rest of the mouth.

7. They’re virtually pain-free

The process of putting dental implants in is virtually pain-free so there’s no need to worry or be nervous about the treatment. 

8. Dental implants can be affordable

At Oradent Dental Care we have numerous payment options available, including 0% finance over 12 months or a low 9.9% APR over 24-50 months. And having in mind your implants will last a lifetime, overall you’ll be saving more money by choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth or dentures. 

9. Speak better

Removable dentures are bulky and often difficult to wear. Dental Implants feel just like real teeth and make speaking feel and sound natural.

10. Offer you the perfect smile

Dental implants will give you the smile you have always dreamed of. The perfect set of teeth is now a possibility without having to deal with ill-fitting dentures or other not as effective tooth-replacement treatments.

At Oradent Dental Care, we specialise in Dental Implants and our sought after Dental Implantologist – Dr Anish Patel has placed thousands of successful implants with amazing results and delighted patients.

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