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oil pulling

Coconut oil pulling can improve dental health

An age-old Indian folk cure known as oil pulling promises to whiten teeth, improve dental health, and refresh breath. Many people vouch for this treatment and claim that it also benefits their health in other ways.

How does oil pulling work, and what is it?

Oil is used as a mouthwash by being swished about the mouth during oil pulling. It has been used as a traditional Indian cure for countless years. 

You must swirl a spoonful of oil around your mouth for up to 20 minutes to oil pull. Reducing the number of dangerous germs in the mouth is the primary advantage. In your mouth, there are hundreds of different kinds of microorganisms. Some of them are friendly, but not all of them. Plaque is a thin coating of bacteria-produced biofilm that forms on your teeth due to oral bacteria.

Plaque on your teeth is natural, but if it becomes excessive, it can lead to several issues, including poor breath, gum irritation, cavities and gingivitis. Oil pulling is a straightforward process in which the germs in your mouth are carried away and disintegrated by the liquid oil as you swirl it about your mouth. Any oil should work for oil pulling. However, extra-virgin coconut oil is a preferred option because of its flavour. It also contains a healthy fatty acid profile with a high concentration of antibacterial lauric acid.

Coconut oil gargling can lessen harmful oral bacteria.

One of the major bacteria in your mouth, streptococcus mutans, is a major cause of plaque accumulation and tooth decay. One study found that oil pulling using coconut oil daily for two weeks dramatically reduced the number of mutants in saliva.

oil pulling
Coconut oil gargling can lessen harmful oral bacteria.

Oil pulling can reduce bad breath

Bad breath is frequently brought on by the odour of chemicals and gases generated by bacteria in your mouth. It is linked to illnesses, gingivitis, and generally bad oral hygiene. It stands to reason that if you eliminate some of these germs and enhance your dental hygiene, you will have less foul breath. It appears reasonable, considering that it may lessen plaque and gingivitis.

Reduce plaque and gingivitis with oil pulling

Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, is brought on by your immune system fighting the germs in the plaque. Studies have shown that mouthwash and oil pulling are effective treatments for gingivitis. Daily coconut oil pulling was shown to dramatically lower gingivitis indicators.

oil pulling
Reduce plaque and gingivitis with oil pulling
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