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9 Reasons to Visit a Dental Hygienist

Good oral hygiene is important, especially nowadays when everyone is very aware of their appearance and general health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more.

If you leave large gaps between the appointments, they will be more uncomfortable and lengthy. A simple scale and polish will take longer to complete because the tartar buildup will be harder to remove.

Still, need convincing? Here are nine reasons why you should book in a regular visit with your dental hygienist as well as your dentist:

Detect Dental Problems Early

Your dentist and hygienist will be able to detect any early signs of problems with your teeth and gums. Early detection of broken fillings, cavities or gum disease is easily treated if caught in time. However, if these problems go untreated, root canals, gum surgery or removal of teeth could become the sole treatment options available.

Stop bleeding gums

Gum disease causes bad breath, bleeding and ultimately, tooth loss! Yes, you can’t have healthy teeth without having healthy gums. The good news is that gum disease can be treated, stopped and – in many cases – even reversed. But, it must be caught in its early stages. Your hygienist can help remove the deposits of hard plaque from your teeth and gums and show you the correct way to brush your teeth to stop this from reoccurring.

End of bad breath

Nowadays, everybody is conscious of their breath. Bad breath or Halitosis is most commonly caused by a dental problem. Whilst brushing your teeth regularly and using mouthwash will help to keep your breath fresh, it is sometimes not enough to keep you feeling confident throughout the day.

90% of bad breath cases are due to bacteria in the mouth. A foul smell can be released by the bacteria trapped under the gumline, where only a professional dental hygienist can get to, and remove, properly. Even after a rigorous scale and a polish, you’re not safe. The bacteria can come back, thus it is important for you to maintain regular visits to your dentist.  

Get a whiter smile

It is not a secret that over time your teeth become stained from the foods and the beverages you consume. This can often be the result of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc. These stains cannot be removed by brushing alone and while there are many kinds of tooth care products on the market, none of those is as effective as a visit to the dental hygienist. These professionals have the tools and knowledge to restore your teeth to their natural health and bright white. 

Spot signs of cancer

During your appointment with your dental hygienist they will carry out a full examination of your mouth and one of the things they will do is check you for oral cancer. The good news is that most types of oral cancer are easily treatable with early detection. Your hygienist will also be able to advise you on how to reduce the risk factors of developing oral cancer e.g. smoking and alcohol.

Prevent tooth loss

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. In the later stages of gum disease, teeth become loose, painful and often acutely infected. This can lead to no other option, but to remove the affected teeth. There have been cases where teeth have become so loose, that they fall out on their own. 

Fear not! Your dental hygienist’s number one priority is to work with you to keep your gums in perfect condition and stop your teeth from becoming loose, painful and infected. 

However, you should not be treating your oral health problems only when they build up. The more you put it off, the worse it may get. Book your appointment regularly to help prevent gum disease. 

Maintain Good Oral Health

Although, we all know the importance of dental hygiene, many of us fail to take care of our teeth properly. On other hand, even if you have the best oral health routine you will still benefit from a trip to the hygienist. 

These professionals will be able to give your teeth a deep clean and reach all those places where toothbrushes just can’t reach. With extensive training and the right tools, dental hygienists can remove hidden tartar or plaque while leaving your teeth noticeably cleaner. 

Improve sensitivity

If you pass on specific foods or drinks because you know they’ll make your teeth hurt, it may be time to visit your dentist.

There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity, but your dental hygienist will be able to get to the origins of the problem. Gum recession or tooth wear are only two possible reasons why your teeth might be sensitive. The dental hygienist will help reduce tooth sensitivity and provide you with diet advice as well as brushing tips to help keep your teeth in the best health possible.

Boost your Self-Esteem

Your teeth and gums are not only a vital part of your overall health but they also significantly impact your confidence. If your mouth feels clean and your slime looks whiter, it makes you feel good. Doesn’t it? Multiple research articles show exactly that. Thus, maintaining healthy oral care is key. Regular dental check-ups are important for keeping your smile as healthy as possible and your confidence to it’s highest. 

If you are falling off track with your oral hygiene then we will put you back on track. 

Book an appointment with our hygienist to help ensure that you are maintaining your oral health.

Regular cleaning with our hygienist can help prevent any number of the above problems, as well as provide you with advice and motivation for good oral hygiene.

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